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What should you look for when choosing a technology partner?

As your business grows, so will your technological needs. Healthcare organisations have learnt to use technology-enabled solutions to explore new ways to deliver patient care and streamline their internal operations.

Patient ID check – an important privacy standard

The necessity for accurate patient identification and authentication has become increasingly important.

Move fast, break things – just not confidentiality

In a sector now hungry for even greater reserves of highly sensitive health data, what could we be doing more to protect patients? Most healthcare organisations need to carefully review and update their cybersecurity policies. The policies should reflect current risk behaviours and include guidance on using external providers. Policies should go beyond being drafted and agreed, but implemented with rigour.

Introducing our Mental Health First Aiders

To promote mental health inclusive culture and boost employee wellbeing, we have taken a company-wide approach to…

Moving healthcare into the digital age

Digital transformation allows healthcare providers to stay up to date with ever-changing patient needs and …

5 ways to unite over a GP crisis

The current focus of discontent appears to be the mass adoption of remote consulting and reports of patients experiencing…

Investin’s Young Doctor Summer Internship

We were delighted to be able to take part in InvestIn’s Young Doctor Summer Internship, welcoming 80 aspiring students…

Innovate the innovation

To what extent can a clinic be replicated in a hand held device? Primary care has allowed the fine tuning of ‘art of the consultation’. One of the first things we learn at medical school is that 80% of your diagnosis will come from taking a great history. So primary doctors are often less reliant on bedside equipment and more bedside manner. It is no coincidence that the latest research shows that 80% of primary care presentations can be safely managed through one video consultation.

Why the NHS model works

Perhaps the starkest international comparison is when you look at how the NHS compares with the US healthcare system.

The upside down startup

For most startups the original great idea comes from the founder. This carries danger if you are making big product decisions…