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Navigating success with MVP development

MVP development is getting more and more popular as a strategy for accelerating time to market and validating product concepts. By focusing on the core value, business can use this pragmatic product development strategy to achieve success.  

Equal Gender Health Balance
Closing the gender health gap with technology

Understanding the gender health gap  The gender health gap is created by the disparity in men and women’s diagnostic times, […]

Confused woman sat in front of laptop wondering if she should implement triage to her healthcare practice
The triage dilemma: when to triage and when not to

What is triage? Quite often digital triage could be confused with data collection points that allow patients to submit information […]

Embracing technology for a thriving healthcare workforce

By leveraging technology-driven strategies, healthcare businesses can address the increased stress, burnout and mental fatigue of staff and foster a healthier work environment. 

Implementing digital health initiatives for seamless care pathways

Health and wellness businesses could offer a more connected care pathway by leveraging digital technology to expand their services. Working with digital enables like MyPulse, you could expand your capacity and service offering.

Tackle patient data privacy and security issues

In today’s post pandemic world, patients have become more comfortable with completing digital triage forms, attending remote tele or video […]

Enhancing your healthcare business with quality technology products

In the last few years, technology has completely changed the world of healthcare. From using integrations to deliver more connected […]

MyPulse is ISO certified

MyPulse is now ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified! Achieving these accreditations demonstrates our commitment to information security and quality […]

Neal Archbold: A Leader on a quest to make digital health accessible to all

Today, as the CEO of the company, Neal is leading MyPulse to help clinicians, patients, and providers to use technology to improve systemic service efficiency and effectiveness of health interactions.

remote mental health consultation
Use teleconsultations to lower your costs

Offering remote consultations via telephone or videoconference can significantly reduce your operating costs when compared to the traditional healthcare delivery method.

Use digital solutions to prepare your healthcare business for the winter

Here are three technology-powered capabilities that will assist you in meeting rising patient demand this winter. Offer care remotely, use triage to direct them to the best course of action for their condition and Promote your expertise by digitally serving content to support patients.

Utilising Service Blueprints to improve patient experience

Service blueprints are used to depict what the ideal patient journey looks like and identify ways to improve it for […]

Unlocking greater access to care with a digital front door

Today, the digital front door is no longer just a buzzword, it is now more than just a good-to-have; it has become a necessity. Using technology, digital front doors engage patients during their healthcare journey while bringing value to both patients and clinicians.

What stops innovation and transformation most in your business?
[Anti-] Transformers: “Leaders in disguise”

Innovation is the power that leaders need to drive businesses forward. However, regulatory and status quo challenges within healthcare as well as some leaders themselves are making it harder for those trying to embark on a digital transformation journey.

features of appointment scheduling solution
The most powerful features of an appointment scheduling solution

Automated appointment scheduling is the step forward for healthcare providers seeking technology to increase the quality and efficiency of their services.

Benefits of appointment scheduler for your healthcare practice
The benefits of an appointment scheduler for your healthcare practice

Let’s face it, booking healthcare appointments online has become the new norm as patients no longer wish to wait on the phone. This has forced more and more healthcare providers to transition from using paper diaries to using online appointment scheduling.

Technology partner
What should you look for when choosing a technology partner?

As your business grows, so will your technological needs. Healthcare organisations have learnt to use technology-enabled solutions to explore new ways to deliver patient care and streamline their internal operations.

Patient ID check
Patient ID check – an important privacy standard

The necessity for accurate patient identification and authentication has become increasingly important.

Healthcare data security
Move fast, break things – just not confidentiality

In a sector now hungry for even greater reserves of highly sensitive health data, what could we be doing more to protect patients? Most healthcare organisations need to carefully review and update their cybersecurity policies. The policies should reflect current risk behaviours and include guidance on using external providers. Policies should go beyond being drafted and agreed, but implemented with rigour.

Mental health first aider
Introducing our Mental Health First Aiders

To promote mental health inclusive culture and boost employee wellbeing, we have taken a company-wide approach to…

Moving healthcare into the digital age

Digital transformation allows healthcare providers to stay up to date with ever-changing patient needs and …

ways to unite over the UK GP crisis
5 ways to unite over a GP crisis

The current focus of discontent appears to be the mass adoption of remote consulting and reports of patients experiencing…

Investin’s Young Doctor Summer Internship

We were delighted to be able to take part in InvestIn’s Young Doctor Summer Internship, welcoming 80 aspiring students…

revolutionised healthcare
Innovate the innovation

To what extent can a clinic be replicated in a hand held device? Primary care has allowed the fine tuning of ‘art of the consultation’. One of the first things we learn at medical school is that 80% of your diagnosis will come from taking a great history. So primary doctors are often less reliant on bedside equipment and more bedside manner. It is no coincidence that the latest research shows that 80% of primary care presentations can be safely managed through one video consultation.

Participants from the NHS taking part in London Pride 2019
Why the NHS model works

Perhaps the starkest international comparison is when you look at how the NHS compares with the US healthcare system.

the upside down start up
The upside down startup

For most startups the original great idea comes from the founder. This carries danger if you are making big product decisions…