Your one-stop solution for seamless integration
with healthcare experts.

ExpertConnect seamlessly integrates vetted
healthcare providers to connect your users to talk
to a healthcare expert, removing the back-and-forth
hassle of checking clinician availability.

Why choose ExpertConnect?

We understand the challenges in creating seamless user experience. Our mission is to help health and wellbeing technology providers bridge the gap in patient care by enabling you to:
Open additional revenue streams

Our established network of healthcare suppliers opens doors to lucrative partnerships, expanding your reach and increasing revenue.

Save developers time

We have done the hard work for you and our developers are here to provide you with the tools and support needed for a seamless, hassle-free integration.

Simplify complex integrations

One integration is all you need to access our network of suppliers.

Bespoke software and mobile app development for the healthcare sector

How ExpertConnect works?

We use a number of vetted healthcare providers that we integrate with to help you connect your users to a clinical expert and close the care loop.

Using API technology, we can help your offer users seamless access to healthcare experts, enriching their experience while opening new revenue streams.

Allow your users to access appointments with our Experts. Control billing and make plans or chat to us and we can offer that on your behalf.

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