Enhancing your healthcare business with quality technology products

In the last few years, technology has completely changed the world of healthcare. From using integrations to deliver more connected care to telemedicine, remote monitoring and improved EHR systems, technology products are revolutionising the healthcare industry. 

As a result, healthcare businesses have been compelled to invest in technology products to keep up with the competition while striving to provide better and more convenient care to their patients.   

Why should you care about the quality of technology products?

It comes as no surprise that quality is essential in technology products, impacting user experience, brand reputation, and market success. It helps provide better patient outcomes which in turn leads to increased customer loyalty. 

User Experience

High-quality technology products are essential for delivering a seamless and efficient user experience. At MyPulse, we understand that well-designed, reliable, and easy to use products will keep customer engagement high. This is why we take into account patient workflows when automating tasks such as appointment scheduling and patient registration. This saves you, the healthcare provider, time and resources and improves care coordination. 

Brand Reputation

We recognise that building high-quality products is crucial for maintaining a positive brand reputation. As expected, if you release faulty technology to your customers, you will inevitably lose credibility. Therefore, our goal is to help you utilise utmost quality products to gain a positive reputation in the market.

Market Success

We want the digital product that our clients adopt to be a raging success. This is where health tech solutions with high-quality features, design, and functionality come in. They have a higher chance of success in the market because they fill the gaps in your already existing ecosystems. These products help you stand out from your competitors and make you the healthcare provider of choice by customers. 

Customer Loyalty

Quality products build a loyal following. Customers are more likely to remain loyal to a company that delivers high-quality products or services. They are less likely to switch to a competitor and will continue to support the company through repeat purchases. On the other hand, subpar tech could lead to loss of customer loyalty, hurting your business’s bottom line.

Cost Savings

Investing in quality early in the product development process can lead to a significant money saving in the long run. By reducing the need for frequent bug fixes and rework, you can save from ongoing product support. High-quality products also cut back on your costs because they tend to be more reliable and less prone to breakdowns and malfunctions. 

Quality is a critical factor in the success of technology products. For us, building quality solutions is a priority because we want to create the best possible results for our customers. 

How does MyPulse deliver quality technology products?

The seven principles of quality management provide the backbone for the processes MyPulse uses to deliver high-quality products and services to meet customer needs and expectations.

Customer Focus: 

We believe that the most important principle of quality management is customer focus. At MyPulse, we focus on understanding the needs of our customers so that we can meet and exceed their expectations. We ensure that every feature and function that we deliver works properly and matches the customer requirements. 


Effective leadership is crucial for creating a culture of quality-focus within any organisation. Our leadership team provides the necessary direction and support to our employees to ensure we build our products with quality in mind. We host Town hall meetings and regular team days to keep everybody informed on the latest updates with our health tech solutions. 

Engagement of People: 

At MyPulse, we provide our employees with the resources and training they need to develop high quality tech products. This enables our staff to bring new ideas to the table, providing our clients with innovative solutions that fulfil their needs and address their challenges. Our software developers host a weekly tech congress where they discuss any new tech that can be incorporated into our current practices to improve the quality of our products. 

Process Approach: 

A process approach is necessary for continuous quality improvement. At MyPulse, we identify and manage the processes which help us deliver quality products. We then measure our performance and any areas for improvement. 

We achieve this by facilitating collaborative service blueprint and story writing sessions with our customers. We also run post mortems when an incident occurs to make sure we learn and improve our processes going forward. 

Continuous Improvement: 

Continuous improvement is a never-ending journey towards quality excellence. We frequently review and improve our processes, products, and services to meet the changing needs and expectations of our customers. For example, during our company-wide retros we reflect on positives and negatives, examine what has worked and what hasn’t, helping us stay on track. 

Evidence-Based Decision Making: 

To help businesses adopt high-quality digital solutions, we use deep user insight and utilise service blueprints to create product excellence. We ensure that our products take into consideration the needs of both healthcare professionals and patients. Every month we have a product data review where we make recommendations of how to improve the quality of our products. 

Relationship Management: 

Building and maintaining strong relationships with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders is critical to achieving quality. At MyPulse we foster long-term business relationships and offer continuous support. We work closely with our partners to ensure we deliver the best products possible.

Finally, to demonstrate our continued commitment to building quality products we were recently ISO 90001 certified. In combination with our expertise, we can help healthcare businesses adopt digital solutions that will improve patient outcomes and boost brand reputation and market success.  

If you are looking for a quality technology partner, we would love it if you get in touch.