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About LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor

The shifting healthcare landscape presented LloydsPharmacy with an opportunity to expand their digital presence by offering online consultations to their customers. This was made possible with the launch of the VideoGP platform.

To prepare for the successful launch, MyPulse collaborated with LloydsPharmacy to understand their business needs in order to digitise their care pathway. The Video GP app provides a full end-to-end patient journey, which not only allows users to speak with a GP in as little as 30 minutes, but also enables clinicians to prescribe treatments, schedule follow-ups, referrals and fit notes.

Our Partnership

MyPulse is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) business, allowing healthcare providers to customise a range of digital care pathways for their patients. As LloydsPharmacy’s technological partner, we stood shoulder-to-shoulder with LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor to develop this innovative Virtual GP platform that allows patients to take control of their healthcare.

The platform offers a safe, easy and very convenient patient experience; starting with a GP consultation and ending with a prescription delivered to the patient's door the next working day or available to collect in pharmacy an hour after the consultation.

The VideoGP app was brought to market through extensive collaboration and integrations between the MyPulse platform with LloydsPharmacy's advanced prescription delivery services. By using an agile delivery framework and having the technological know-how, we have assisted LloydsPharmacy in translating their business needs into technical outcomes, ensuring continuous customer support through system updates, bug repairs, and upgrade implementation. Based on clinician and patient feedback, we have helped implement, expand and improve the digital solution.

We are incredibly excited to be powering LloydsPharmacy’s first ever VideoGP consultation service, bringing a trusted, well recognised operator to the telehealth market.

What our partners say about us

We have built a fantastic working relationship with MyPulse, creating a partnership built on a shared mission to drive the digitalization of healthcare in the UK and beyond. They are an innovative and creative team with a collaborative approach that makes them feel like an extension to our business.
Andy Sloman Managing Director Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor
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