Meet the

We are a team of innovative problem solvers building a healthier world, which just brings a smile to our faces.
Meet the team

Neal Archbold
Chief Executive Officer

A widely-connected business leader, health market veteran and employee champion.

Dr Raj Kohli
Chief Clinical Innovation Officer

An experienced clinician, digital health evangelist and tech entrepreneur.

Arafat Sadiq
Chief Technology Officer

A seasoned leader with over 20 years' technology, delivery & product experiences.

David Jennings
Chief Commercial Officer

Commercial sales leader with 25+ years in the insurance, health & employee wellbeing.

Jordan Robinson
Lead Developer

Jordan has a background in consultancy & helping companies solve complex problems

Jakob Durstberger
Lead Platform Engineer

Polyglot Programmer. Passionate about making tech a welcoming place for all.

Jay Parkash
Product Manager & Tech Ops

He has been here from the beginning, bringing his Product and Tech Ops skills.

Hannah O'Hara
Risk & Compliance Officer

20 yrs advocating the value risk management for businesses & employees.

Christopher Emerson
Senior Software Developer

15yrs software dev expertise & aficionado of computer science and cloud technologies.

Toby Clemson
Head of Engineering

Hands-on technologist, leading strategy & defining evolutionary architecture.

Charné Banger
Software Developer

Growing up as an avid gamer initiated a love affair with technology & programming.

Kate Morgan
Head of Product

A product leader with a long-standing passion for health tech.

Kyle Grierson
Software Developer

A computer programmer creating simple and effective programs

Zlatomira Chomakova
Senior Brand & Marketing Executive

Creative and innovative marketer, marrying idealistic and realistic ideas.

Cristinel Mateias
Senior Software Developer

Passionate about making the world a better place one line of code at a time.

Jonas Svalin
Senior Software Developer

Polyglot, passionate about test-driven development & microservice architectures.

Konstantin Mashirov
Software Developer

Multi-stack engineer with experience in backend/frontend & mobile development.

Min Bhogaita
Business Development Associate

A business development leader with 30 years of helping clients harness data & technology.

Francesco Losciale
Senior Software Developer

Passionate about XP values and practices. He likes to help teams to achieve their goals.

Liam Griffin-Jowett
Senior Software Developer

Polyglot engineer trying to build the right thing and the thing right.


Growth in the team


Focused of product and development


Different countries of birth

Our team is diversecollaborativehumblepassionatesmart

Our culture is genuinely at the heart of what we do.
No catchphrases, no acronyms just authenticity, respect and smiles all round.
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