Teleconsultation solution tailored to your specific customer needs

Provide video consultations to your patients
quickly and securely.

Simple and straightforward video
consultation for you and your patients
on your website or in an app.

Once the patient schedules an appointment, all they need is an internet access and a compatible device to attend their appointment.
We facilitate this in two ways:
Send a text with link

Prompt a text message with a link that directs patients to their appointment.

Use a secure sign up

Guide your patients to login and verify their identity before attending their appointment.


Extend access to your services with virtual visits

Our telehealth solution brings value to your business while making a difference to your patients.

With the help of our cutting-edge clinical dashboard, you can view patient details to confirm their identity, see previous consultations, and have access to an easy to navigate menu where you will enter the diagnosis and complete your notes based on the results of the appointment.

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